How to Get a Girlfriend – Should You Start a Romance or is She Better Enough For Your Love?

You are secretly wishing for a decent sweetheart to be in your life and you are willing to do just about anything to get a girlfriend, anything, anything to be a sweetheart. But there are some things in favor of starting a romance that you must face. persuasion is a tool that can help in getting a girlfriend fast but it will not make your job easy. You have to ask yourself the following two questions before moving ahead with your quest. They will help you have the best chance at having a great relationship.

Question No. 1 Is Your Girlfriend Better Enough For You?

Before you go chasing a girl or a woman with a flower-filled note and a long-text message or with candy, without a shave and without pretense. You must answer yourself this question. This is very important. Are you asking her to be your wife? What you are suggesting is that you want her to be your lover. If you are asking her this question and you want her to answer it too, it shows you need t be serious.

If she is worth your while then she should already be at least mildly attractive to you. If you have to ask yourself this question then you need to be more critical of the way you dress (see my post here:What Women Want: Attraction and Sexual Pressure).

I personally don’t see this question as being that important as what woman want and I go into plenty of detail in my reply to that question. What you are looking for is essentially how appealing you are to her. Woman are looking for harmony. Their ideas of what ‘living’ is all about.

Question No. 2 No Preferable Place

Are your girl friends strictly intellectual friends or does seducing a woman with your mind make you a happier man? This is a good one. If you have ever been in a sexual relationship before and also had to answer this question then you already know that there is a reason to be sexually satisfied (unless Priory reasons)

You should be looking for a place where harmony is more likely to happen. I am talking harmony in the sense that you want to be able to tell her (or him) something that makes them the most fulfilled they are. Maybe that somewhat complicated sentence that you were able to string together with your mind has got your juices going. But also be aware that some modern women have got phobia towards long and tedious stories. So be prepared to work on telling her those stories of your life stories which will make her viscerally satisfied.

I presume that you want her to be your girlfriend not your mistress. Or at least not at the present moment. So be prepared to work on this aspect.

Question No. 3 What Kind Of Man Are You

Are you the jealous kind? Some women in a relationship will think that no matter what man you are with, somehow there will be tales floating around about you being jealous.

Good grief sometimes I don’t know what I can say. Give your girl some space guys. I personally think that loyalty goes a long way but sometimes you just can’t have a be thankful attitude. I wholeheartedly suggest to you to set aside any ill feelings you may have towards his folks. Don’t dwell on it.

Question No. 4 Will You Still Love Me After These Youthful Years

Understanding that life has not finished your beautiful girlfriend is an important point to take note of. Even though I am quite old and slowing I still have not been able to think about death or the grave when I am with a young woman … forget about ever living peradventure!

One thing that I find remarkable about these questions and how my answer has changed over the years. In some way the older I have become the more I find that I really enjoy life now. This is a great discovery because it is one of the ways that we get on in a relationship. After a certain age we have all been brought up to think that we have already found the prince or princess that our lives will be so much happier and our life will be full of purpose and meaning. What a load of nonsense.

That is the greatendo of these questions.


Debate and argument will always be a part of human living. At some point in your life you will have a confrontation or a disagreement and it is only common sense to try and improve a relationship through discussions and compromise. With these questions it is important to try and not to be defensive. You should not be concerned at all. These questions should not dampen your relationship with your girlfriend or any other person for that matter. If you are constantly picking up fights why would anyone wants to stay in your life?

I think that these are intelligent, well spoken and fair questions but they may end up being too hard on anyone wrong or petty.