A Love Leadership Story: A Woman’s Vision of What She Wanted in a Long-Term Relationship

What does it take to have a vision for your life? What does it mean to have a vision? According toractionation, your ‘Idea of Love’ is the emerging aspect of your love life that is the result of your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and values.

Before I discuss the details of this topic, and give you a vision, I would like to ask you a few questions that reveal your values and your love style.

What do you believe is the most important value in your life?

What attitude would you like to have?

What do you think is the most important value in other people’s life?

Now I ask because in order to have a vision, you need to know what you are looking for in a partner. Hence if you said ‘I want to find true love first and then follow love’ or something similar to that, guess what? You are not being specific. You may be looking for ‘true love’ that contains within it the toxic elements that are destructive to relationships. If you want to be healthier at the office, you will have to have a different attitude about it, and you will have to develop a more love vision. I don’t suggest you write a partner profile. You can’t be specific; it’s impossible. You need to know before you propose someone for a relationship, what you want and what to do about it.

Pay careful attention to this question because the answers will not be good ones. If you have to be typical and try to be positive, then you are not being specific. You need to develop a real and lasting Love Vision and it has to say clearly for yourself and for your love relationship that you do belong together, that your love is open and unconditional, and that you want to grow old with this unconditional love without any false expectations, such as; ‘I want to be married by 37’. If you say, ‘I want to be married by 30. I am not sure yet if I want children’, then you have entered the fantasy world and your potential partner does not have the vision for the future because you are operating out of fantasy land.

Love does work; love does bring happiness. However, you need to be clear and quite patient with the process. Perfect love cannot be instant and you cannot control it. You are responsible for it and you are the one who has to create the moment. In business, when something is expected, you have to deliver or fail. You cannot control the outcome but you can control the process in order to be successful. The same thing applies in love.

Pay attention to wonder and expressions of wonder at the mere idea of compatible separation. The moment is significant because it sets up the challenge of improving and re-basing your relationship. It serves as an exit Strategy from the tightly woven sarcasm and awkwardness of the current relationship. It will also help you prevent being tempted to use your relationship as a bed-signalling Accountability device.

If you do want to be successful in the journey, then you need to keep the emotions on an even keel. It is not enough that you have love but you are required to manage the emotions that come with it. The setting is beautifully presented but it becomes difficult to manage once theInitial feelings of love and fascination has gone. This is especially so since the moment is at the core of the relationship.

What is your Love Vision?

What is your Love Vision? It is a detailed vision of your future that includes your values and your relationship requirements. It is drawn from the bottom-line and the values of your Being and your Relationship. It is not the same as the Love Vision that you had when you first met. That one was a consequence of the circumstances in your life and the values that you were raised with and grew up with were fundamental.

Since your love is a relationship, any Love Vision that you develop will have to include your loved one. It cannot just be any vision but you both really need to work together on it because it is the only true and lasting solution.

Explain your Vision to your lover.

It is quite possible that your love will survive the divorce, the death of your wife-husband relationship. But what if your wife has Amid kept her beautiful and well-behaved respects for you, and the only thing to occasionally remind you of your unspoken obligations is a glance at the rose?

No, that is no good. But it is not completely impossible either. Once you have been completely re-communicated and re-built as a man, then a glimpse of the roses and chocolates may incentive her, but only temporarily. It is that easy.

To extend your Vision further and trigger a more fruitful life for yourselves, then hardly do you have to transform yourself and even the family, but your