When Dating Meets Love and Romance

For most the first meeting occurs through online dating. It’s a meeting that sometimes has the potential for love or romance. There are many of these meetings that result in nothing but a quick and fleeting romance. However, there are many more occasions that lead to love and romance.

Dating is a first step in getting to know each other. Through dating you all can learn whether or not you are looked up and treated as a suspect. You will learn if there is some potential for love or romance.

I met a woman who had only been dating for about a week. Things were going well for her so she decided to go ahead and meet a certain gentleman she had met online. She expected that the meeting would be a bit of a pleasant pleasant evening and would go some where nice. She got everything she wanted out of this meeting.

She was looking for romance.

They decided to go to his home to watch a movies. It was a hi-low situation with the conversation only broken up by food and wine. She enjoyed herself very much even though she was shooting the breeze and gabbing about nothing and everything. He was looking so perfect as a romantic partner. All his and her friends loved him.

They sat down and had an exciting evening that ended up being their first date. She was gushing about everything he said. He had comforted her and she found comfort in that comfort. Great!, she thought. We can have romance now.

They had only hung out once so there was a lot of excitement for both of them about this new adventure. She had to meet him in person for the first time. She expected it would be an awkward situation and so very much nervous.

When they got to the setting he had expected them to continue the conversation. Instead he seemed distracted and out of reach and she was struggling to put her manners and self-assurance back in place. Finally, he handed her a document which she blindly proclaimed to be a perfectly great document. Why did he do that? He knew she was nervous. Only he could tell that as well as she.

This gentleman was no-nonsense. He knew that this encounter with him would be a focus of attention and he wasn’t about to let this go easily. In fact he was confident enough to bring the document and document up on the table in an open and inviting manner and he knew she would be altogether to read it.

The gentleman was very much given the impression he was giving a meeting and not a date, so he did not even need to include a engagement ring or any such purse container. The document was an attachment and they simply sat there and read it. She of course knew that he expected her to refuse his request, but she had given in and what else was there to do.

In a weird way he had given her the tools to become a wife and the means to become engaged. The outcome for this kind of deal could have been devastating, but she had answered the call to become a wife and he would attempt to fulfill his side of it. And so the happily ever after story ends…

Or it could start with a refusal and the declaration that he is not here to as much as he can be anybody else. This of course could be read any way you want. Maybe his grammar was a bit off or he should have read between the lines a bit more carefully. Or he didn’t say precisely what he wanted – which was okay since neither of them was really paying attention.

As time went on he got on board and so did she.

This is about the closest thing in which two people ever come close to each other and have the kind of connection that allows love to flow. It isn’t something that just happens but instead is created at the interplay of several distinct moments, each one rich with meaning and consequence.

So, how the heck did the other person know what she was talking about? Well, she had been dating this guy for at least eight months. She told him everything. She told him about the way that he laughed, she told him how she loved telling him exciting stories and how she loved….. Well, she also told him about the things that he didn’t like.

The point is that this is just the sort of thing that happens when you are dating: you get a glimpse of the man’s personality. You get glimpses of who he is through the choices that he makes and the actions that he takes. It’s a small world, and the boys in it rarely have more than seen their fair share of wholesome affection, good times and tenderness. The same can’t be said for the men, whose relationships can be greatly affected by having too many VISIONS of their partner.

If you are caught in those intimate moments of intimacy when you suddenly find yourself very much possessed by the halo of your partner,